Frequent Asked Question


  1. What is my colleciton date?

    The collection date is the date you want your parcel to be collected for forwarding. It should be between Monday to Friday (Except Bank Holidays) and on the second day after you place your order. Same day collection services may be arranged if you are able to complete your online order, payment process and has facility to print out the required documents by 12.00am. Please call customer service for further details.

  2. How did you caculate my shipping fee?

    shipping fee is based on the greater value of actural weight and volume weight of your parcel. Parcel’s volume weight =(Parcel lengthxParcel WidthxParcel Height)/5000。 For example,if you would like to send a 3kg parcel with a size of 34cmx30.5cmx30.5cm。Its volume weight =(34×30.5×30.5)/5000 = 6.3kg > 3kg. Therefore, our shipping fee will be caculated as if you are sending a 6.3kg parcel rather than its actural weight 3kg.

  3. What will happen if the weight I provided is not accurate?

    We understand the weight our customer provided is not always as accuate as it should be. Please make all your effort to ensure you provide the actural weight and size as accurate as possible. Parcel Force has special equipments to accurately measure the actural weight and size of all the parcels you sent and issue bills correctly. We trust our customer’s personality and good will, so we will collect your shipping fee and arrange parcel collection based on the information you provided. When we receive the final bill from Parcel Force , we will compare it with the information you provided and ask for the outstanding balance. If we find the informaton you provided is far off how it should i.e. 1kg or 5cm inaccuracy , we will charge an administration fee on top of your outstanding balance.

  4. Where can I get my Parcel Force tracking No.?

    Once we booked a parcel collection for you, a confirmation email will be sent to you with completed custom declaration form and parcel label. You can find your parcel force tracking No. on them or simply input your WM Express tracking No. (same as Transaction ID in your invoice) into our website to obtain your Parcel Force tracking No. i.e. EK123456789GB.

  5. What will happen if the collection driver didn’t come on the confirmed collection date?

    If this situation does happen, please contact us immediately. If this happend because of your own reason i.e. you didn’t wait for the collection driver as confirmed, the driver came but no one answered the door and driver left a miss collection card, your parcel was not ready when the driver came,we will charge you a fee to rearrange your parcel collection. If it is not your fault, we will rearrange your parcel collection for free.

  6. What’s the difference between Parcel Force express and UK-China/HongKong air freight?

    Both of them are using air freight shipping method, fully trackable with compensation included. Parcel Force express is like you taking direct flight to your destanation while UK-China/Hongkong air freight is like indirect flight. Parcel Force express is straightforward and faster but with higher shipping fee excluding custom tax. It normally takes 3-8 days to get your parcel delivered. UK-China/Hongkong air freight is safe and more economy with custom tax paid. It normally takes 2-3 weeks to get your parcel delivered.For airfreight service,the compensation for goods lost is up to 100RMB per kg.